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Real Nutrition - Eating for Growth

These days there is a lot of misguided information regarding Nutrition, and its almost impossible to find online a nutritional plan that will support YOUR OWN personal goals, this is because in the real world Nutritional plans really need to be tailored to individual, as things like Work Pattern/Sleep Pattern/ Family Lifestyle /Stress Levels/ Exercise regularity and current food Baselines all need to be taken in to consideration, but saying that it doesn't mean we cant list ways to help you improve your own Nutritional plan.

Below we have written a general outline for stage 1 of a growth eating phase, these amounts are calculated on a person that completes activity at least 4 times a week minimum and weigh around 185lbs, if your over this weight but your eating pattern is under this, this plan will also benefit you by feeding your body closer to the correct amount nutrients it requires for the day.

As you progress through the plan your appetite will increase and you will get used to the amounts, it might feel a little tough to begin with, but you and your body will adjust. At key points in the next few weeks you will need to make increases as the body grows - so as a rule of thumb i would suggest adding 25-50g of protein to the day and split it over the meals at say week 4, then at week 8 add 25-50g of carbs and also split this over the day or increase breakfast and post workout, these small adjustments will have a bigger pay off than your realise as a 50g increase in protein per day is a total increase of 350g of protein in 7 DAYS!! Your skin, tissue and organs all need this.

Plan For Lean Tissue Increase

(185lbs Baseline Weight)

Meal 1) 75grams of oats / 1 serving of Reflex Nutrition Instant Whey Pro / 200g Liquid Egg whites / 1 portion of Fruit

Meal 2) 60grams dry weight basmati rice / 175grams of chicken or turkey / plus a portion of Veg the size of your clenched fist.

Meal 3) 1 Serving of Kinetica Lean Gain / 1 tablespoon of flax seed oil

Meal 4) 200-250g (Training Day 250g) Potato Cooked weight / 200g of steak or Extra Lean Beef mince / plus a portion of Veg the size of your clenched fist.

Meal 5) 200g Sweet potato / 200g of Cod/Salmon/Tuna / plus a portion of Veg the size of your clenched fist.

Pre - 5g Optimum Nutrition Glutamine / 5g Sci-MX Nutrition Creatine Monohydrate / 1 serving of Grenade Defend

Post - 5g Optimum Nutrition Glutamine / 5g Sci-MX Nutrition Creatine Monohydrate / 1 serving of Kinetica Lean Gain

Additional Optional Supplementation for support

Multi-Vitamin (e.g. AST Multi Pro or Grenade Ration Pack which also includes healthy fats)

Fish Oils (e.g. USN Triple Omega EFA)

ZMA (e.g. Sci-MX ZMA)

Pre Workout Intensifier (e.g. Cobra Labs The Curse)


You can use Herbs/Spices and Sauces but all in moderation you are in control so dont over do it!

We all know time can be a issue so at any time your meals can be replaced by a good meal replacement powder like those found here - Meal Replacements

You can Snack in between meals on Nuts (Walnuts/Almonds/Cashews/Peanuts) or fruit (Blueberries/Raspberries/Strawberries/Apples) - We recommend Acti-Snack!

NON Negotiable Rules -

Please aim for a Minimum of 2litres a day (this does not include fluid during your training session) Aim to consume at least a Litre while training, if the workout is intense enough there WILL BE A WATER DEMAND.

Do Not Miss a Meal, you can replace it but you cannot skip it. (aim to eat every 3hrs)

Get a minimum of 5 hours sleep a night but aim for 6-8hrs

Have one Cheat Meal a week - but there are some of you that are slighter frame and have a ultra fast metabolism and struggle gaining, for those individuals have 2 cheat meals a week (the first meal can be anytime and the second must follow a INTENSE leg or Back session)

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