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Gird List
  • SmartShake 400ml
    £9.99 £7.67

    This is the world’s smartest shaker with 3 storage compartments. The benefit with SmartShake is the high quality and ability to carry round three protein shakes or a mixture of protein shakes, pre/post workout drinks...

  • SmartShake Neon Series 600ml
    £9.99 £7.99

    Express yourself with the all-new SmartShake Neon Series. Mix & Match to create your own customized shaker cup. Brighter than before, SmartShake Neon combines function with fashion to create the perfect shaker and...

  • SmartShake Signature Series
    £15.95 £9.95

    SmartShake is proud to sponsor the best athletes in the bodybuilding and fitness industry. Our athletes hold a record 22 Mr and Miss Olympia Titles. Choose a cup that the top names in the industry endorse and use...

  • SmartShake Slim 500ml
    £9.49 £7.49

    With its two storage compartments and slim grip, SmartShake offers a versatile shaker that is easy to bring and carry around. Available in size: 17oz/500ml.

  • SmartShake XL 800ml
    £9.99 £7.99

    Having built-in compartments allows you to store several servings of nutritional supplements for example protein, creatine, vitamins, capsules, pre- and post workout products. With SmartShake™ you don’t have to...

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