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  • Arnold Series Muscle Bar x 12 | Dynamic Sports Nutrition
    £44.95 £29.99

    THE ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGERMUSCLE BAR IS MUSCLEFUEL—ANYTIME!When it comes to quality nutrition that tastes great while offering high quality protein and vitamins, Arnold Schwarzenegger Muscle Bar™ sits at the top...

  • Battle Oats | Protein Bar | Dynamic Sports Nutrition
    £23.86 £17.39

    Battle Oats aimed to create a tasty, wholesome and gluten-free, protein-packed snack bar that not only stands nutritionally tall, but tastes AWESOME too! Battle Oats Natural Protein Flapjacks combine wholesome, 100% natural...

  • Battle Oats Protein Cookie
    £25.00 £15.99

    The chocolate chip cookie is a classic. It’s a biscuit recognised across the globe by one and all. Synonymous with childhood memories and late night snacking, it’s nothing short of a masterpiece. It’s hard...

  • Enjoy the refreshing chocolate coconut taste you love with the new Bounty Protein bar - This version is lower carb, lower sugar and packed with protein!
    £35.00 £31.24

    Enjoy the refreshing chocolate coconut taste you love with the new Bounty Protein bar - This version is lower carb, lower sugar and packed with protein!

  • BSN Syntha-6 Bars
    £53.88 £28.41

    New to the BSN Syntha-6™ family, a range of ultra-premium protein bars with a multifunctional formula that delivers a quality supply of protein - 30g in each 90g bar - for athletes on the go, looking for a convenient,...

  • Grenade Carb Killa Bar
    £29.99 £19.99

    One of the best tasting protein bars out there! Great nutritional content and a fantastic range of flavours. Mint, Cookies and Cream, Caramel.. the list goes on! Cure cravings with a carb killa bar and stay on...

  • Grenade Reload Flapjacks x 12
    £19.99 £12.01

    Grenade® Reload Protein Flapjacks are a convenient way to consume high quality protein in-between meals. They are high in protein and over one third of the carbs in Reload Flapjacks are from indigestible fibre and so...

  • Lenny & Larry's Complete Cookie + Free samples
    £29.99 £22.99

    Lenny & Larry’s aim to help people understand what healthy snacks really should have as their ingredients. Whether these claims relate to protein, sugar alcohols or the term ‘all natural’, their aim is...

  • MultiPower 50% Protein Bar 24 x 50g
    £51.60 £35.93

    Milk chocolate coated bar with 50 % protein. 50% protein, fat-reduced and low in sugars this bar is ideal as a post-exercise snack to aid recovery and muscle building. The optimum ratio of protein to carbs and fat also make...

  • MultiPower Mixed Box of Flapjacks 30 x 100g
    £37.50 £28.14

    Oat bar with milk protein. With 18g of high quality protein the Fit Protein Flapjack helps to kick-start muscle recovery and re-building after training. 33g of carbohydrates fuel training if used as a pre-workout snack...

  • MultiPower Power Layer Bar 18 x 60g
    £45.00 £33.76

    Layered perfectly for powered performance. With four layers of crunchy nuts, caramel, crispies & chocolate the new Power Layer Bar is a delicious tasting bar packed with protein.    Nutritional Information ...

  • Musclemaxx Bar | Dynamic Sports Nutrition
    £34.99 £20.00

    MuscleMaxx™ - High-Protein Energy Snack Made with 100% Real Peanut Butter & Real Graham Cracker!!! Fortified with 100% Whey Protein Isolate! 13 g Protein per 57 g Bar MuscleMaxx™ is a real taste...

  • Optimum Nutrition Opti-Lean Meal Replacement Bar
    £25.00 £21.99

    Opti-Lean™ Meal Replacement bar from Optimum Nutrition helps reduce body weight. It contains a high quality blend of protein, 6.3 g of fibre and is available in 2 delicious flavours of Chocolate Brownie & Salted...

  • PhD Nutrition Advanced Mass Flapjacks x 12
    £29.88 £21.77

    PhD Nutrition’s Advanced Mass Flapjack is a delicious, high protein flapjack, designed to support the increase of lean mass. Ideal for serious, hard gainers or any athlete undertaking the bulk phase of their...

  • PhD Nutrition Diet Cookie x 12
    £27.48 £20.02

    PhD Diet Cookie is a delicious, high protein baked cookie that is a great alternative to a protein shake or bar. Containing 21.5g of high quality protein, with the added benefits of L-Carnitine, CLA and Green Tea Extract; it...

  • PhD Nutrition Diet Whey Bar x 12
    £31.08 £22.64

    A flavoured high protein bar for weight management, Diet Whey bar is a great tasting sports nutrition bar available in 3 key flavours. Containing 25 grams of protein including two forms of whey protein and milk protein...

  • PhD Nutrition Growth Factor 50 Brownie
    £43.08 £31.39

    High protein bar with 50 grams of proteinPhD Nutrition Growth Factor 50 bar is ideal for those either looking to gain lean muscle mass or serious mass gain on a “bulking” diet. PhD Nutrition’s Growth Factor...

  • PhD Nutrition Pro Oat Cookie x 12
    £24.99 £18.20

    High Protein muscle building snack Pro oat-cookie from PhD Nutrition is a high protein, baked cookie with a fantastic taste, texture and nutritional profile. Packed full with 32 grams of protein per single cookie, this...

  • PhD Nutrition Protein Flapjacks + 12x 75g | Dynamic Sports Nutrition
    £17.88 £13.03

    Any individual embarking on a serious training plan requires quality, hard-working calories that fuel the body and allow performance to be optimised. Providing 19 grams of protein, including the versatile benefits of premium...

  • Smart Bar™ is 20g of protein, between 0.4g and 1.9g of sugar (flavour dependent) and is wrapped in unadulterated triple layered sports nutrition indulgence.

Free from Palm Oil, Smart Bar™ is available in 5 delicious flavours, each catering to the chocolate lover:

- Caramel Crunch

- Chocolate Brownie

- Dark Choc and Raspberry

- Choc Peanut Butter

- Cookies and Cream

The Smart Bar™ is positioned perfectly for the huge growth in new users stampeding into the protein lifestyle area, seeking functional results and efficacy whilst maintaining a macro and carb-controlled diet, yet not willing to compromise on great taste and confectionary texture.
    £25.00 £19.99

    Smart Bar™ is 20g of protein, between 0.4g and 1.9g of sugar (flavour dependent) and is wrapped in unadulterated triple layered sports nutrition indulgence.Free from Palm Oil, Smart Bar™ is available in 5...

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